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Solo Exhibitions

2024 'Small Worlds' Enniskillen Library
2024 'Inscapes Retrospective' Red Stables Gallery, Dublin

2018 "Retrospective" Enniskillen Town Hall
2016  Private Show, Princes Street, Derry
2014  Cascade Gallery, Waterside Theatre, Derry
2014 ‘Inscapes II’: Lawnakilla House, Enniskillen
2009 ‘Shapeshifters’: La Boca, Belfast
2008 The John Hewitt, Belfast
2005 Café Artisan, Derry
2001 Inscapes’: The Quay Co-op, Cork
1994 ‘Full Circle’: Castle Museum, Enniskillen

Group Exhibitions
2023 'UISCE', Clinton Centre Gallery, Enniskillen
2023 'Conversations with the Landscape', Laneway Gallery, Cork
2020 ‘Across the Sea’, Upland Arts, Antrim and Island Gallery, Argyle (Postponed)
2019 Bluebell Arts Centre, Derry
2018 Hambly and Hambly Gallery, Enniskillen
2018 Warehouse Gallery, Derry
2017 Castle Museum, Enniskillen
2016 Castle Coole Gallery, Enniskillen
2015 '1FT SQ', Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen
2014 'VAO': Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen
2013 ‘Transformations’: The Rainbow Project, Derry
2013 ‘Origins’: The Playhouse, Derry
2013 ‘Emerge and See: London Street Gallery, Derry
2013 ‘Nightshow’: International Art Expo. Italy
2010 ‘1FT Squared’: The Clinton Gallery, Enniskillen
2010 Private Gallery, Crawford Square, Derry
2004 ‘Re-Generation’: Clinton Gallery, Enniskillen
1999 Interactive Exhibition: Tigh Fili, Cork
1992 ‘Stones of Identity’: Stone Leaf Gallery, Dublin
1991 ‘The Cats Head’: Ormond Print Factory, Dublin
1991 ‘Art Squad’: The Mansion House, Dublin

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